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Guidelines for Enrollment of Students

Required Documentation
  • Certified state issued birth certificate
  • Comprehensive physical examination (K-5 only)
  • Immunization record
  • Proof of residency
  • Previous school records
  • Court issued custody papers (if applicable)
Preschool Registration
The registration procedure shall be as follows:
  1. A schedule of preschool registration dates for individual schools in this system will be publishedin the spring of each year.
  2. On the scheduled registration day for his school, the parent is required to appear in person toregister his preschool child for school enrollment for the following year. The school registration information form must be completed and he must present his child's official birth certificate to complete the record.
  3. A school official must copy in ink the exact information required from the birth certificate. He must instruct the parent to take the health examination record to his family physician or to the county health department clinic for the required pre-school physical examination.
  4. Preschool children may be enrolled in kindergarten or the first grade of this county when the physical examination and health record over the signature of the examining physician is presented to the school principal. The completed form is to be placed in a permanent record folder and assigned to the classroom teacher.
  5. The Prince George County Health Department will arrange a schedule to serve those citizens who cannot employ the examining services of a physician.
  6. Parents who fail to furnish an official birth certificate must be instructed to obtain one prior to the opening of school in September. The Bureau of Vital Statistics, 1227 West Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia.
  7. Any child who is a ward of the state or under state welfare whose age cannot be verified because of lack of a birth certificate, shall be admitted, upon affidavit of any employee of the Department of Welfare who is in a position to reasonably ascertain the age of the child.
  8. Prior to admission to the Prince George County school division, the parent, guardian, or other person having control or charge of the child shall provide, upon registration, a sworn statement or affirmation indicating whether the student has been expelled, or is suspended pending the outcome of an expulsion hearing, from school attendance at a private school or in a public school division of the Commonwealth or another state for an offense in violation of school board policies relating to weapons, alcohol or drugs or for the willful infliction of injury to another person. The registration document shall be maintained as a part of the students' scholastic record.
*Please refer to section JEC-R of the policy manual for more details.