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PGCPS Gifted Programs

Supporting Our Learners with Exceptional Intellectual Abilities
Prince George County Public Schools' mission centers around the district's desire to keep our students as 'True North' through every program to support learning. 
The division takes pride in offering programs for our students with exceptional intellectual abilities, helping them reach their full potential and ensuring they are supported both intellectually and emotionally. This is done through engaging programs and initiatives aimed at providing students with the resources they need to succeed from kindergarten through to receiving their diploma as Prince George High School Royals.
Understanding The Needs of Gifted Students
Gifted children are those who differ from the average to such an extent that school programs must be modified in order for them to reach their potential.
Gifted students, who can be found in every segment of society, are exceptional in terms of their superior capacity for rapid learning and retention, for dealing with highly complex and abstract ideas, for assuming a great deal of responsibility for their own learning, and for outstanding achievement.
They are sensitive to the expectations and feelings of others and to their own high expectations, often possessing exceptional emotional depth and a keen sense of humor, as well as a heightened dimension for analogous thinking and for sensing and solving problems. They are usually unique in terms of creativity and leadership potential.
Our Unwavering Commitment
The Prince George County School Board is committed to the development and refinement of gifted programs which are differentiated, challenging, and individualized in order to enhance each student’s potential for excellence.
Special efforts will be made for early and continuous identification among all segments of the school population, and differentiated programs will be provided on a continuum for kindergarten through 12th grade.
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