Environment & Energy Teams

PGCPS Environment & Energy Teams
Vision & Mission:

The PGCPS Environment & Energy teams consist of three members.  The members are Dustin Menhart, Assistant Superintendent of Support Services, Ron Rhodes, Director of Facilities and Operations, and Rhonda Munford, Executive Assistant of Facilities and Operations.  The PGCPS was established in September of 2020 with a vision to create a responsible and efficient energy program while developing the district on environmental education policies, procedures, and technologies.  PGCPS is completely steadfast to our energy use as well as the exceptional environmental learning environment towards our natural and public resources.

PGCPS Environment & Energy Teams
Goals & Objectives:

  • Implement energy saving habits within the Prince George County
  • Establish energy saving programs and policies
  • Evaluate the most effective and efficient energy practices
  • Recommend energy efficient methods and materials
  • Provide Data and counsel regarding energy usage and cost
  • Incorporate Environment and Energy curriculum into the District
  • Continuously seek improvement and professional development within the program
  • Represent School District interests in committees, clubs, and organizations
  • Provide updates to the School Board and Administrators on progress, cost savings, and other initiatives throughout the academic year.

PGCPS Environment & Energy Teams
End State & Motto:

Our overall end state is to ensure Prince George County Public Schools are providing their due diligence to fulfill the educational, sustainable, and technological methodologies of the Environment & Energy Program.

Motto: "To provide our Children a better opportunity for the future, through environmental education and awareness”

Dustin Menhart, DML, TS-SCI
Assistant Superintendent of 
Support Services


Ron Rhodes
Director of Facilities
and Operations


Rhonda Munford
Executive Assistant of Facilities
and Operations



Dustin Menhart, DML, TS-SCI
Assistant Superintendent of Support Services
Prince George County Public Schools

6410 Courts Drive - P.O. Box 400
Prince George, Virginia 23875

EMAIL: dmenhart@pgs.k12.va.us