Message To Parents

Dear Parents,

The mission of the Prince George County School Health Services Program is to promote the health and wellness for our students and their families, our staff, and our community. We encompass professional nurses who are committed to providing comprehensive, quality health care to students by using a systematic approach to identify and meet the dynamic health needs of all students including chronic health conditions, disabilities, and those with acute and emergent care situations. The professional school nurse is an integral member of the multidisciplinary school team and collaborates with other professional disciplines to enhance the academic success of students. The professional school nurse promotes improvement of children’s health, removes barriers to learning, and improves overall potential for academic success. We encourage parents to contact their child’s professional school nurse to discuss any health related needs. 


Michelle R. Grate, RN, MHA, BHA, AAS
Health Services Coordinator

Health Services Department Staff


Michelle R. Grate, RN, MHA, MPA

Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society

Health Services Coordinator

School Board Office

Phone: 804-733-2700

Fax: 804-733-6428

Mobile: 804-894-3087



Kristen Kelly, RN

South Elementary

Phone: 804-733-2755

Fax: 804-732-584



Tiffany Howington, RN

North Elementary

Phone: 804-458-8922

Fax: 804-452-3917



Stacy Maddox, RN

L. L. Beazley Elementary

Phone: 804-733-2745

Fax: 804-732-1627



Heidi Dance, RN

William A. Walton Elementary

Phone: 804-733-2750

Fax: 804-732-1592



Doris Brown, RN

David A. Harrison Elementary

Phone: 804-991-2242

Fax: 804-991-2123



Catina Horne, RN

J. E .J. Moore Middle School

Phone: 804-733-2740

Fax: 804-733-2697



Amanda Dillard, RN

N. B. Clements Junior High School

Phone: 804-733-2730

Fax: 804-733-3783



Tonya Bryant, RN

Prince George High School

Phone: 804-733-2720

Fax: 804-861-4530



Connie Moody, CNA

Prince George Education Center

Phone: 804-733-2748

Fax: 804-733-2749