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Health Services Department

Keeping Our School Communities Healthy
The Health Services Department's mission centers on ensuring the entire Prince George County Public Schools community is safe and healthy during their time at our schools and facilities. Utilizing best practices and protocols, the district's health services team works to promote the highest standards of health and supporting the medical needs of students learning at our schools.
To contact our department, please see the listing of Health Services staff on our page, or call 804-733-2700.
Immunization Information
The Code of Virginia requires children entering daycare, public and private schools to give proof of vaccination before enrolling in school. The vaccines should be given based on the schedule recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Academy of Pediatrics, and American Academy of Family Physicians.
Please visit the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) website to learn more about school immunization requirements and exemptions:
PGCPS Infectious Disease Plan
Prince George County Public Schools utilizes a layered approach to infection control which 
encompasses multiple prevention strategies in keeping our students, faculty, and staff safe. Click the link below for an overview of the district's 2023-24 Infectious Disease Plan.
COVID-19 Information
For information regarding COVID-19, including quarantine, etc., please visit our COVID-19 & Infectious Disease Management website for more details. 
Health Services Team
Primary Contacts
Kira Mauger
Coordinator of Health Services
[email protected]
Phone: 804-733-2700 
Kira Mauger
School Nursing Team
Primary Contacts
Kayla Johnson, RN
South Elementary School
[email protected]
Phone: 804-733-2755
Tiffany Howington, RN
North Elementary School
[email protected]
Phone: 804-458-8922
Stacy Maddox, RN
L.L. Beazley Elementary School
[email protected]
Phone: 804-733-2745
Heidi Dance, RN
Middle Road Elementary School
[email protected]
Phone: 804-733-2750
Carey Newbold, RN
D.A. Harrison Elementary School
[email protected]
Phone: 804-991-2242
Aimee Balthaser
J.E.J. Moore Middle School
[email protected]
Phone: 804-733-2740
Amanda Monk, RN
N.B. Clements Jr. High School
[email protected]
Phone: 804-733-2730
Tonya Bryant, RN
Prince George High School
[email protected]
Phone: 804-733-2720
Connie Moody, CNA
Prince George Education Center
[email protected]
Phone: 804-733-2748