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About Our Community
Prince George County, Virginia
PGMapLocated 25 miles southeast of Richmond, the state capital, Prince George County finds its home in the heart of Southside Virginia. Bordered on the north by the James River and the City of Hopewell and on the west by the Appomattox River and the City of Petersburg, the county's rich centuries-long history is showcased through the community's Regional Heritage Center and Petersburg National Park, the site of major battles during the Civil War.
Prince George County is nestled between the natural splendor of both the famed Blue Ridge Mountains and the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, each just two hours beyond the county's borders. Premiere entertainment, sports, and historic attractions find their home to 30 minutes to the county's north in the City of Richmond.
The county is home to Fort Lee, a military installation whose history dates back to 1917. Over 100 years later, the base continues to provide administrative and logistical support to the United States Army and currently stands as the third largest training center in the Army. Children living on post are served by the county school division.
Several colleges and universities are located within a 60-mile radius of the county. Richard Bland is a two-year affiliate of the College of William and Mary and offers associate degrees in business, arts and science. Two community colleges, John Tyler and J. Sargeant Reynolds, offer a range of one- and two-year programs. The University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, the College of William and Mary, Virginia Union University, Randolph-Macon College and Virginia State University offer a wide range of four-year programs, as well as advanced degrees.
AltMarkMeet Our Schools
Prince George County Public Schools
Our Mission:
To engage, encourage, and inspire every child, every day.
Our Strategic Goal:
To prepare students to navigate an ever-changing world
PGCPS VDOE School Quality Profile:
Click HERE to view Prince George County Public Schools' Virginia Department of Education School Quality Profile. (link opens in a new window)
Prince George County Public Schools
District Quick Facts

Prince George County Public Schools is home to nine schools that serve the educational needs of our children.
  • David A. Harrison Elementary (PK-5)
  • L.L. Beazley Elementary (PK-5)
  • North Elementary (PK-5) 
  • South Elementary (PK-5) 
  • William A. Walton Elementary (PK-5)
  • J.E.J. Moore Middle (6-7) 
  • N.B. Clements Junior High (8-9)
  • Prince George High School (10-12) 
  • Prince George Education Center 

Prince George County Public Schools is a member of several regional schools that provide unique educational experiences for our children.
Prince George County Public Schools Enrollment
  • 6,099 (Fall Membership, 2020-21, VDOE)

Prince George County Public Schools College and Career Readiness
  • On-Time Graduation Rate (2021): 91.06%
  • Number of Graduates (2021): 387

Prince George County Public Schools Employees
  • 887 full-time, active employees
  • 420 part-time, active employees
District Teacher Of The Year Recipients
  • Lori W. Poythress – J.E.J. Moore Middle School (2005)
  • Richard Watson – N.B. Clements Junior School (2006)
  • Nathaniel Mae, Jr. – North Elementary (2007)
  • Mattie Thweatt – Prince George Education Center (2008)
  • Tess J. Watkins-Short – J.E.J. Moore Middle School (2009)
  • Virginia L. Melton – L.L. Beazley Elementary School (2010)
  • Polly Williamson – Prince George High School (2011)
  • Pam Alley – Prince George High School (2012)
  • Leon "Buddy" Darby - Prince George High School (2013)
  • Anne Baron - Harrison Elementary School(2014)
  • Kathryn Milton - W.A. Walton Elementary School (2015)
  • Louise Thornton - Prince George High School (2016)
  • Brittany Tuzzo - J.E.J. Moore Middle School (2017)
  • Brittany Zucconi - L.L. Beazley Elementary School (2018)
  • Sara Bailey - David A. Harrison Elementary School (2019)
  • Brittney Sammler - J.E.J. Moore Middle School (2020)
  • Christine Carr - W.A. Walton Elementary School (2021)
Support Employee of the Year
  • Bryan Griffin – Prince George High School (2011)
  • Sherri Smith - J.E.J. Moore Middle School (2012)
  • Betsy Drewy - Director of Finance (2013)
  • Jessie Carmichael - Prince George High School (2014)
  • Shirl Saunders - Transportation (2015)
  • Valerie Hyde-Zoldork - North Elementary (2016)
  • Nancy Enochs - Transportation/Maintenance (2017)
  • Charlotte Simms - Prince George Education Center (2018)
  • Debra Artus - L.L. Beazley Elementary School (2019)
  • Ida Butler - Transportation (2020)
  • Lin Turner - Custodial Services (2021)
National Board Certified Teacher
  • Yvonne Kunkel – 2005 Early Education NK-4 and Middle Education Grades 4-8
  • Tami L. Bowman – 2008 Early & Middle Childhood/Art
  • Wanda E. Gilbert – 2008 Early Adolescence Through Young Adulthood/Physical Education
  • Kelly L. Peregoy – 2009 Early Adolescence/Science
  • Ellen D. Walthall – 2009 Early & Middle Childhood/Literacy: Reading-Language
  • Catherine Sirles Prince George County Schools National Board Certified 2011 Generalist/Middle Childhood
  • Jessica Conley 2017
Annual Outstanding Alumni Award
  • Brent A. Rusnak, D.D.S. Rusnak Family & Aesthetic Dentistry & Orthodontics 2010
Corporate Sponsors
  • Davis Oil Company/ExxonMobil 2018
  • Walmart 2017
  • Big Lots 2017
  • Perdue Farms, Inc. 2016
  • Prince George Electric Cooperative 2016
  • Container First Services 2016
  • Wal-Mart Distribution Center 2016
  • Prince George Electric Cooperative 2015
  • Walmart Distribution Center 2015
  • Fort Lee Federal Credit Union 2014
  • Melvin L. Davis Oil Company 2013-14
  • Prince George Electric Cooperative 2014
  • Perdue Farms Incorporated – 2012
  • Prince George Electric Cooperative - 2012
  • Davis Oil Company / Exxonmobil 2011-12
  • OfficeMax 2011-12
  • Cubic Application Inc. 2009-11
  • Prince George Farm Bureau 2009-11
  • John Randolph Medical Center Auxiliary 2010-11
  • Container First Services 2010-11
  • Rolls Royce Crosspointe, LLC 2010-11
  • Invincia Insurance Solutions 2010-11
  • Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation 2010-11
  • Davis Oil Company 2010-11
  • Walmart Distribution Center 2011-12
Business/State/National Awards
  • Chris Waugaman 
  • Lowell Milken Center Fellowship 2012
  • Charlene Hebert
  • CDWG Win-A-Wireless Lab Sweepstakes 2012
  • Fredriqcue Fields
  • “A Day Made Better” Award (Given through OfficeMax) 2011
  • Margo Beverly, Roy Binger, Jason Chandler
  • Teacher Rewards Program (Given through Wal-Mart Distribution) 2011
  • George Fohl, Jamie Gilliam, Shawn Holt, Mary Lowder
  • Teacher Rewards Program (Given through Wal-Mart Distribution) 2011
  • Tameka Mason, Joan Waymack, Ronald Welch
  • Teacher Rewards Program (Given through Wal-Mart Distribution) 2011
  • Sherri Jones 
  • Southside Virginia Technology Consortium Teacher Technology Award 2007-08
  • Liza Schmieder
  • American Chemical Society, Virginia Section Distinguished High School Chemistry Teacher 2007-08
  • Randy Bullock
  • Charles Cimo
  • Liza Schmieder
  • State Award of Outstanding Contributions to Career & Technical Education “Biodiesel Fuel: An Economic & Environmentally Friendly Alternative” 2007-08
  • Cheryl Perkins 
  • Excellence in Education Award 2008
  • Roxie Crawford 
  • Sam’s Club Teacher of the Year 2008-09
  • Adrienne Seitz
  • Wal-Mart Distribution Center Teacher of the Year 2008-09
  • James L. Ruffa, II
  • Outstanding Earth Science Teacher of the Year National Association of Geoscience Teachers (Eastern Section) 2009
  • Polly Williamson
  • Southside Virginia Regional Technology Consortium Teacher of the Year 2009-10
  • Beth Andersen
  • Tri-Cities Outstanding Educator of the Year (Given through the John Randolph Foundation) 2009-10
  • Chris L. Waugaman
  • Certified Journalism Educator Award (Given through The Journalism Education Association) 2011
  • Anthoni Bobeau
  • Best Technician Competition Third Place - State of Virginia 2011
  • Carl Fleming 
  • Tri-Cities Outstanding Educator of the Year (Given through the John Randolph Foundation) 2010-11
  • Chris Waugaman 
  • Dow Jones Newspaper Fund Distinguished Advisor of the Year 2011
  • Fredrique Fields 
  • "A Day Made Better" Award (Given through Office Max) 2011
  • Margo Poulos, Roy Binger, Jason Chandler
  • Teacher Rewards Program (Given through Wal-Mart Distribution) 2011
  • George Fohl, Jamie Gilliam, Shawn Holt, Mary Lowder
  • Teacher Rewards Program (Given through Wal-Mart Distribution) 2011
  • Tameka Mason, Joan Waymack, Ronald Welch
  • Teacher Rewards Program (Given through Wal-Mart Distribution) 2011
  • Charlene Hebert
  • CDW-G Win-A-Wireless Lab Sweepstakes 2012
  • Chris Waugaman 
  • Lowell Milliken Center Fellowship 2012
  • Sandy Nicol
  • American Chemistry Society Grant 2012
  • Stephanie Bishop
  • Lowell Milliken Discovery Award 2012
  • Stephanie Poe
  • Southside Virginia Regional Technology Consortium Instructional Support Person of the Year 2012-13
  • Keeli Comrie
  • Tri-Cities Outstanding Educator of the Year (Given through the John Randolph Foundation) 2013
  • Chris Waugaman
  • Lowell Milken Discovery Award
  • 2013
  • Chris Waugaman
  • Dow Jones News Fund High School Journalism Teacher of the Year
  • 2014
Alumni Stories
PGCPS Alumni Profiles
Telling The Story of Royals Who Are Leading, Innovating, and Inspiring Our World
Prince George County is home to incredible students who do extraordinary things within our schools during their educational journey at home. In a few steps across a stage, they clutch their diploma and prepare to embark on the next phase of their lives. Prince George High School Royals step into the world seeking to lead in their community or abroad, innovate in ways never seen before, and inspire the next generation of students to follow in their footsteps.
Discover their stories in our Alumni Profiles - CLICK HERE

Why Join TeamPGCPS?

Competitive Salary and Benefits
  • Starting salary competitive with surrounding school districts
  • Stipends for the following critical shortage areas:
    • Special education Teacher = $2,000
    • Math for Credit
      Teacher = $1,500
    • Career and Technical Education for Credit Teacher = $1,500
  • Basic health insurance premium paid by school district
  • Retirement and life insurance paid by school district
  • Laptop issued for certified staff
  • 2021-22 Benefit Plan
Teacher Support and Professional Development
  • Detailed week-long New Teacher Orientation
  • New teacher mentoring program
  • Tuition reimbursement available
  • Extensive professional development and technology classes offered
Recognized Leader in Technology
  • 6,000+ Chromebook computers, thousands of laptops utilized by students, staff
  • 40+ servers (Windows)
  • Division-wide online teacher grade book
  • Parent Portal provides online parent teacher communication
  • Laptops for all instructional personnel
Proven Facts
  • Excellent curriculum offerings, athletics, and activities programming
  • Virginia Department of Education recognizes all schools accredited for 2019-2020
  • The On-Time Graduation Rate for Prince George High School is 91.06% in 2021
  • National Blue Ribbon School recipient: L.L. Beazley Elementary School (2013)
  • Virginia Purple Star Designation: L.L. Beazley Elementary, North Elementary (2019-2020), David A. Harrison Elementary, William A. Walton
  • All county schools AdvancED-accredited
Virginia Teacher Licensure Information
  • Click HERE for more information regarding Virginia Department of Education teacher licensure (link opens in a new window).