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Preparing for Kindergarten

Supporting Your Child's Successful Start to School
We can't wait to support the educational needs of our child here at Prince George County Public Schools. Before your child arrives, there's a lot you can do to prepare them for their first day of Kindergarten! We have compiled a variety of resources and information you can use to help make your child's transition to the classroom a successful one!
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Language Readiness Tips
  • Speak in complete sentences and be understood by others most of the time
  • Use words to express needs and wants
  • Understand two-step directions
  • Make comparisons and describe relationships between objects like big/little, under/over, and first/last
Reading and Writing Readiness Tips
  • Enjoy listening to stories
  • Know how to find the first page of a book and which way to flip the pages
  • Recognize familiar logos and signs, like stop signs
  • Recite the alphabet and identify most of the letters
  • Recognize and try to write their own name
  • Recognize when two words rhyme (like cat and bat)
  • Start to connect letter sounds to letters (like the sound of the first letter in their name)
  • Draw a picture to help express an idea
PlaygroundUseful Reading and Writing Readiness Links*:
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Math Readiness Tips
  • Count from 1 to 10 without skipping numbersblock
  • Match a number to a group of five or fewer items (“I see three cats”)
  • Recognize, name and describe basic shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle)
  • Understand more than and less than
  • Arrange three objects in the right order (like from smallest to biggest)
  • Name or point to the colors in a box of eight crayons
  • Sort objects into like groups
  • Create patterns (using objects like LEGO building blocks)
Useful Math Readiness Links*: 
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Self Regulation Tips
  • Use the bathroom and wash up on their own
  • Get dressed on their own (but may still need help with buttons, zippers, and shoelaces)
  • Know and can say their first and last name and age
Social and Emotional Skill Development Tips
  • Separate from a parent or caregiver without getting overly upset
  • Interact with other kids
  • Pay attention for at least five minutes to a task an adult is leading, like listening to directions for an activity or discussing the day’s weather during circle time
Fine Motor Skill Development Tips
  • Use a pencil or crayon with some control
  • Use scissors
  • Copy basic shapes
  • Make distinct marks that look like letters and write some actual letters, especially the ones in their name
  • Put together a simple puzzle
Gross Motor Skill Development Tips
  • Run
  • Jump with feet together
  • Hop on one foot
  • Climb stair
  • Bounce a ball and try to catch it