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Volunteer Information

Helping Students, Changing Lives
Welcome to Prince George County Public Schools' Volunteers Portal. This webpage serves as the place to learn more about how you can get involved and support students in our community through volunteer experiences.
Volunteering provides many opportunities to invest in the daily lives of Prince George County Schools’ students.  Our district welcome visitors and volunteers.  
Please see the following guidelines for safely visiting and volunteering in our schools. 
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Accessing Campuses to Volunteer
The Raptor system provides integrated school safety software that enables our schools to screen visitors and track volunteers. Visitors attending occasionally in schools or for special functions can simply sign in through the school’s main office using the Raptor system.  
For those who collaborate with school leadership or faculty on a long-term regular basis, a volunteer application is also required, in addition to signing in through Raptor for each visit. Examples for visitors and volunteers are provided below along with the steps for submitting a volunteer application.
Raptor Use for Visitors
Examples include:
  • Lunchtime visits
  • Book fair helper
  • Field trip chaperone
  • Classroom or school event volunteer or visitor
Volunteer Application Use
Long-term volunteers who have regular communication with students are the only ones required to complete the volunteer application. These can include:
  • Classroom assistant
  • Library assistant
  • Lunchroom helper
  • Athletics volunteer
  • Tutor
  • Sponsor assistant
How to Submit A Volunteer Application
  1. Volunteer completes the attached application and submits it to the school administrator for approval.
  2. School administrator signs the completed application indicating his/her approval of the applicant volunteering in the school building.
  3. Administrator sends the application to HR.
  4. HR will initiate an appointment for a background check. Volunteers may not begin until background check is complete.
  5. HR will notify the administrator of volunteer’s start date.
A copy of the division's volunteer application is available digitally below. Please note, any fields on the application marked with * must be completed in order to process the volunteer application.