Keisha Lewis

2023-24 Teacher of the Year: N.B. Clements Junior High School
Question-Answer Session
LewisKeisha Lewis

How Long Have You Been Part of the PGCPS Family?

I have been a part of the PGCPS Family for 24 years.  I taught at Moore Middle School for 1 year as a CTE Teacher and  N. B. Clements Jr. High School for 23 years.  Currently, I am a CTE Teacher at Clements teaching Design, Multimedia and Web Technologies and Economics and Personal Finance to 9th Grade students.


Please Share Your Thoughts on Being Named Teacher of the Year & What This Recognition Means to You.

Receiving the award of teacher of the year is an absolute honor!  It has allowed me to reflect on my past 24 years of teaching and set new goals for the years to come.


What Inspired You to Enter the World of Teaching and Education?

Becoming a teacher has been a dream for me since I was about 8 years old.  I remember inviting my cousins to my house for a sleepover and only providing them with one event choice for the weekend… playing school.  


Of course, I was the teacher and they had to spend their Friday and Saturday evenings listening to me pretending to be a teacher, give and grade test and reprimand them for not wanting to learn.  I still remember the bulletin board that I made on the footboard of my twin sized bed that was decorated with each season.  My mother always said that she knew my future career, even at that young age.  


I entered the classroom in 2000 as a 7-year business professional and career switcher from the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.  My strong desire for teaching and my business background gives me the ability to make positive contributions to my CTE classes.  


Do You Have A Special Memory or Moment from This School Year You Would Like to Share?

My special memory from the 2023-24 School year includes mentoring a long-term substitute teacher and watching her recognize that teaching is her passion, just as it is mine.  I enjoy being able to provide her with valuable insight and suggestions for her classes as she pursues her full-time teaching career.  Seeing her face light up when she talks about teaching is an amazing experience!


Finally, What Do You Consider the Most Important Lesson You Help Students Learn?

The most important lesson that I help students learn is how to prepare for work and higher education, not only in the business world, but to become responsible, productive citizens of society.  Since the first day I entered the classroom as a 7-year business professional and career switcher, I have treated my classroom like a business.  Expectations for my students are set high and mirror the ones that I displayed in the business world and display now.  Students are expected to come to class prepared, on time and ready to work.  I teach them that this is how you can make a lasting impression in your profession.